Bugatti Type 35

(Karol Miklas) #1

Hey folks.

I'm currently creating a Bugatti Type 35 (8 cylinder version) model.

The goal is to make it as detailed as possible, but using lowpoly workflow (no meshsmooth, subsurf or whatsoever), just like my previous models, but this time way more detailed. :wink: It's also nice from educational side, to learn how it all worked together back in pre-war days.

Alrighty, straight to the topic:

35-chassis by KMiklas on Sketchfab

Currently I'm focusing on the front suspension, steering, brakes, etc. It goes slowly, as it's only a side project I'm doing in a free time... Also finding references takes quite a lot of effort, and it's not that easy in this case. It's not a Punto where you just visit ebay for every little part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any suggestions, questions, anything, are very welcome!

(Karol Miklas) #2

Update! A little progress on suspension details, also on the crank starter.The radiator is obviously a placeholder.

35-chassis by KMiklas on Sketchfab

(Diegodneo) #3

im doing a similar model, your looks very nice!