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Buggy FBX model


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New user here.

I baked this Apartment’s model using 3dsmax 2016 and Vray, exported to FBX (version 2016) which ended up being 57 MB with all of the textures, but when I upload it to Sketchfab via web, I end up with this:

This is the screenshot from 3dsmax, just so you can see how it is supposed to look:

Thanks in advance for your help!


I’m sorry you’re having trouble! Sketchfab currently supports a maximum of 100 unique materials. If we detect more than 100 materials during processing, they are merged together.

It looks like this FBX file has 118 named materials, so you’ll need to merge or remove a few. You could also combine them during the backing process.

Have you tried our 3ds Max Exporter plugin? It includes object unwrap and texture baking features directly in the upload process.

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Thanks for your quick reply @james I wasn’t aware of the materials limit. I was using the 3dsmax exporter plugin but I was getting errors during the baking process which made me loose all progress and I didn’t find a way to corner down the problem, so I opted for the FBX route as it allows me to make safe steps and troubleshoot in the process.

Now that I baked everything I’ll see if the 3dsmax exporter works better.


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What I did is I merged several objects into one before exporting baking the textures. I then exported to FBX and voila!:

I hope I can keep moving on with this project to finished the other rooms and iron a few details I have there.

Thanks for the support @james !


Looks great! Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

If you would like to create a more convincing “tour” through the rooms, I recommend taking a look at these help guides, as some things about the annotation system are sometimes not that intuitive yet.

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Thanks for the links! they have some very good info.