Bullpup rifle concept [from start to finish]

(Thechosenone) #1

after many failed attempts at making a rifle,primarily bullpup...i have decided that its time to try to do it properly,as i think i am ready for the challenge.

So from start to finish,from the concepting phase throught the modeling and texturing phase and finally to the posting on sketchfab phase.
I will be posting my progress here and i would appreaciate it very much if any (and hopefully many) of you would leave your opinions on it here so i have feedback while im working on it daily :smiley:

I dont have much free time so it will probably be a few hours a day,maybe less.So it should take me around a month to finish it.


Which of the 6 variants do you like the most?
Personally i like the 5. and 6. and would go with something like that.


After deciding to go with No.6 i worked on refining the design and blocking it out in 3D.

In every step now in the beginning i try to see how i can change and improve the design before i get to adding the finishing touches and finalising the design.
After a couple of relaxing hours spent modeling this is where i got to.

I did have the intention of making the rifle be from a near future and as i keep improving the design it looks more and more like it came from destiny :smiley: so i am pretty satisfied with how things are going.

Again critiques and comments are welcome!

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Hey @thechosenone,

no need to use a service like photobucket to show images here - you can just drag them into the message editor and they'll upload.

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Thanks i didnt know :smiley:
Is there any limit to how much images i can have at once in a post? or how long they last?
I have been using photobucket for quite some time now for anything that requires images to upload. But only recently i have noticed that my images stop showing on posts and get replaced with that image they placed :frowning: