Bump map scaling

(Josh Onepointsix) #1

We are looking to use Sketchfab to provide rotatable rendered 3d models for our customers to communicate our concept designs from Solidworks/Keyshot and for the most part it seems to do the job. The biggest obstacle we have hit so far is scaling of bump maps. For every renderer I have ever used the bump map tool has a scaling function but I don’t see any such functionality on Sketchfab. How is the bump map scale decided and is there a way to control it?



We currently don’t offer any UV scaling/rotation/offset tools, but we may implement something in the future. For now, your textures need to be UV mapped at the scale you need.

Based on other user experiences I’ve seen with Solidworks and Keyshot, it may be tricky without remapping textures in other software. There is some information we’ve gathered from other users here: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/206118346-SolidWorks

(Josh Onepointsix) #3

Thanks James, much appreciated.

I’m surprised by the focus in these forums on maintaining appearances applied in other software over having suitable tools to create quality appearances in Sketchfab itself. Transferring appearances between different programs is a nightmare at the best of times and feels like the long way round. If we had rotatable scalable bump and a material library that could save material presets we wouldn’t bother adding our appearances in Keyshot beforehand. Just my 2 cents.



Appreciate the feedback! I’ll add it to our feature request tracker.