Buy model then chargeback via paypal

Hi sketchfab, I’ve just received a message from PayPal that a customer purchase made on April 22nd has been opened for chargeback on the client side, a week later.

What is the general policy of sketchfab regarding this? Is there anything I can do other than filling out the form from paypal? Is there anything sketchfab can do?

If he didn’t download it is he eligible for refund? Is there a way I can check for download history? Because paypal is asking for evidence that the client did receive(dowbload.)

Please help me resolve this issue. Thank you. If there’s any information I need to provide please let me know as well.

Yen-Ting Chiang

Hi Yen-Ting,

unfortunately, sometimes these issues happen and there is little sketchfab can do to remedy this issue since the refund is requested via Paypal.

I would recommend that you provide paypal with our refund policy link and explain your side of the story

Did the buyer ever reached out to you about any defects or issues with the model?

Hi Avic thanks for getting back at me.

And no I haven’t receive anything from the client, digging the history, it seems that a unusual amount of handling fee was charged by the establishment, thus the attempted chargeback.

I will do as instruction stated.