BVH files for animation to a quadruped and viewer of bvh files


(Cătlin George Feștilă ) #1

Hi. This can be also a common issue for community.
I need .bvh file to make animation to a quadruped.
I used Blender 2.78a.
1.Can you give some help?
2. Do you know a viewer for multiple bvh files ?

(Mrchlblng) #2

@catafest supports the BVH format but, at the moment we disable animation support for the format by lack of samples. If you have some, we'd be happy to make some test and see if we can activate animation support for BVH too.

Otherwise, if you work in blender, you could probably just upload a blend file for which our animation support is rather good.

(Cătlin George Feștilă ) #3

I got BVH files from
You can find most human moves but I don't see anything for quadruped.