C4D to Sketchfab with multiple actions

(Johnbigboote) #1

SO- I am now able to get my animations into SketchFab from Animation:Master (Hash3D) to C4D and then I use pose morph tag to go pose-to-pose for action... it WORKS! NOW--- I want to get multiple actions, like I see so many other Sketchfab files with the pulldown menu listing actions, static pose, etc. HOW do I do this from C4D?

I am using the nifty SketchFab C4D exporter... do I abandon that and zip my file with multiple fbx's in the zip, and upload that? Do I include all the actions in the C4D file with some sort of 'separator tag'?

WHAT is the trick??? Thanks for any info

(Johnbigboote) #2

Well- I sure know how to scare 'em away...! Zeeero replies, nice! I've tried several things:

-I saw that 'Cactus Dan' has just the perfect plug-in... but he has since died and his website is gone! RIP Dan! Very sad!
-I installed FCS tools plug-in, but his outcome is separate fbx files- which Sketchfab can't do...
-I DL'd Autodesk's FBX Converter... but it seems to work in the other direction... getting takes 'out' of an FBX- I need to get them 'in'...
-I DL'd Autodesk Motionbuilder Demo... but it won't open up on my PC...
-Now, I am toying with the 'take' manager right within C4D, and I am able to get the various menu items in the final SF, but their accompanying animation does not come in... only one, or just the static pose. Getting closer. Need to figure out this C4D take system- is it what I want?

(Johnbigboote) #3

https://skfb.ly/67qrP just a test, relax.

If anyone is trying the C4D to SF with multiple takes routine... let me know. I will post my method here- mostly for my own record.

(Gabrielgt16) #4

hi, i want know your method. i'm trying to do the same. thnaks

(Pierre Savoie) #5

Interesting to know your method too


I'm not familiar with it, but I've heard that the native Takes feature works.