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C4D unable to export Alembic spline animation?

(Nn Nenov) #1

I exported a tracer object tracing some dynamics objects. AFAIK the only way to properly export a tracer object is via an alembic export? The exported file opens perfectly baked in cinema 4D, but it seems this format is not supported by sketchfab, just wanted to check. I tried uploading and via the exporter plugin.
Are there any other approaches to exporting PLA / point cache from c4d to sketchfab?



Do you mind sending us a sample C4D file so we can take a closer look?

(Nn Nenov) #4

Hi James,
Sure, uploaded a zipped .abc file.
When opening the file in c4d you should select to import splines(curves), and the project will consist of one alembic spline object.
It starts empty and splines grow/move over the course of 100 frames.
spline_trace.7z (16.0 MB)