Call of proposals - Creation

Hi all,

After 3 days working on this project I can present you ideas of what I imagined, and its evolution through different videos. I just sent the form with a .fbx file I hope that’s what was expected. The sketch is already recorded just in case and being finalized. I edit the videos because I didn’t have time and I post it in the afternoon.

Here is the video supposed to scroll on the screen of the robot, but I can not implant an mp4. If someone has a solution I’m a taker?

interesting idea/good work, but you know as far as i gather the entries for the contest have to be presented on sketchfab itself, perhaps thats what you where intending to do?

i might draw your attention to this part in the rules for this contest:

Look great in Sketchfab
Great geometry, great materials, great 3D settings
Use our 3D Editor features (Refraction, SSR, annotations, etc.)

Be well optimized and suitable for AR
Under 100k faces total
Max 10 materials

Well we were just asking for a few lines of text and a sketch at this stage. Also - this is not a contest but a call for proposals for a commission.

ah yes doh, i re-read the proposal text again, i see those bits pertain to the “final” design. gotcha!


Sorry I couldn’t answer earlier I had waited for the number of max posts, and I couldn’t answer you anymore.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my post, it’s always interesting to get feedback. I wanted to do well and present something built. I thought it would have been appreciated but it seems to be missed… I added it too on sketchfab. The link:

I understood that this was not a competition but a proposal. This is mine. The idea of a robot advertising the site and announcing these records seemed to me to be interesting.