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Hi, Loved sketchfab. but missing two functions very much. 1_ The camera point of view or you say the focus view stays in the center of the scene whether you click anywhere on the object. Which makes confusion and requires to adjust & manually bring model in the center. Suppose if someone has uploaded a city model and he is clicking on the very last building, What sketchfab will do, it move to that area. But somehow then rotating it, it behaves incorrectly and it still moves from the pivot point of the scene center. which makes rotation for architectural models a nightmare. Here is the example, If you click on the model and open it

City Scene 2015 Japan by simonketels on Sketchfab

Now try to go close top of the building roof and try to rotate it. You will experience the issue. Changing the camera point of view according to the position of touch or mouse pointer will solver the issue

It will be awesome if you guys can move the camera point of view or the anchor point along with the annotation point, 2_ It will be nice to have a shots thumbnails in the main screen, a sort of advanced version of annotations. Right now i don't any flexibility to customize the annotations design itself. These 2 things are really missing and please give us a good news that you heard it

Feature Request - Additional Camera navigation (center/mouse focused orbit)

Thanks for the feedback!

1) Two possible ways to improve your navigation:
- you can pan the model with right click to recenter the rotation better
- you can switch to first person mode, so the camera always pivots around your current location

2) We're working to add rich formatting in annotations soon.

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Hi James, Right click thing doesn't work. Tried it! Camera pov remains in the center whether you right click or left click, go first person or what! I was suggesting to change camera pov dynamically as user click or touch to rotate the model. Hopefully it makes sense ?

Eagerly waiting for the improved annotations!

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its not right click as in - click and release on one spot right click hold and drag .. which translates the camera wink you can use the middle mouse wheel as well.

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I am just learning Sketchfab and am not having any luck in setting the camera view position for an annotation. In the documentation, it says that if I position the model for an annotation and then click on the camera icon for that annotation, a thumbnail image will appear for the annotation and that view will be used when someone selects that annotation.

It is not working for me. When I click on the camera icon, no thumbnail image is added and when I am viewing my model and click select the annotation, it does not move the camera to the view I want.

I assume I am doing something wrong but do not know what it is.


Hmm I'm sorry you're having trouble. There is an article and video here that should help:

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We solved this issue in a different thread. Please feel free to delete my post in this thread.