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Camera rotation limits forces translation limits on scene

(Shaderbytes) #1

I know this has come up before but let hope at some time you decide to work your camera code again so rotation limits of any kind do not affect the ability to translate.


Translate as in panning the camera or translate() in the viewer API?

(Shaderbytes) #3

yea i mean panning t he camera, i already had an in depth discussion with Maurice over it, i know you disable it to prevent people viewing past certain angles ( because of perspective and panning this would be possible) but in the process you prevent all panning so when a user zooms in and just want to center some aspect of the model you cant because panning is disabled.

The came about with a common camera restriction which is not to be able to rotate under floor level. I know if you enable panning people can still pan and see under the floor but im ok with that , the restriction on rotation does enough, if you want to then pan under the floor then be my guest but mostly i just want to still be able to have a user be able to pan the model on top of the rotation restriction. Marmoset viewer for example does not remove panning on camera rotation restriction. Perhaps you could add a toggle in the UI to still allow panning when applying camera rotation restrictions?


Got it. Yeah we’re still discussing it internally and we have some ideas with @mauricesvay and @nehon. No ETA yet, but it’s something we hope to revisit soon.