Camera selection for the production of professional photogrammetry game assets and textures

Hello everyone.Im new in the forum.Im Senior 3d artist from Turkey in game development area.I decided to create my own library of game assets and textures using photogrammetry technique.I have been researching on what cameras are mostly used for a while and decided to go with canon eos m 6 mark ii which i can afford for now. I want to achieve quixel quality more or less.What are your opininons should i go with that?

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Hey :wave:

What sort of subjects do you plan to capture?

If you are new to photogrammetry, I would first suggest working with whatever equipment you have e.g. smartphone + free trial of software.

Have you looked at resources from quixel e.g. this help center article on how scans are created. There are also a couple of nice videos that might give you ideas:

A decent camera like the canon eos m 6 mark ii is a great start, but also consider what lens, tripod, CPL filter / polarized lighting setup, you might want too.

Maybe consider following / pinging a few experts on twitter too e.g. or

Hope that is useful!

yeah my tip would be Nikon D810 (great secondhand value; the pro pick would be Z9 or Alpha a7 R for more pixels) + zoom lens (doesn’t really matter at high aperture) + Godox Witstro AR400

for drone, Phantom 4 or DJI Air / Mini2

this is a budget value set but it can take you a long way…

dont forget you need a decent pc for (LR is a hogger) or use Agisoft /other cloud

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