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Camera setting options


(Vishnu27990) #1

is there some camera settings so we can set camera position ( fixed at center of the scene) and look around in 3d?

Description of problem: couldn't find options for camera position settings



I'm not sure what you mean, that's how the default Orbit navigation mode works - the model and camera target are in the middle and you rotate around it.


Are you still having trouble?

(Vishnu27990) #4

Thanks for the reply james....okay let me explain ... i have a scene where i have a room and i'm standing in the center or the room . i want to restrict my camera so it should not go beyond the walls and always stays in room. so now i would be able to see roof, all four walls and floor. (something like as we see in first person shooter games ). i'm new to sketchfab so i'm not aware of this camera settings, if it is already there please guide me.


Got it, thanks!

This isn't possible yet, but it's a common request that we hope to implement in the future.

I'll add your '+1' to this feature request :smile:

(Catilaporte) #6

Also, I use this blender add on , a camera rig, (trolley and crane ), adding a camera armature ,so what happens in that case?


@catilaporte We don't do anything with cameras in Blender scenes, but I think @bartv was working on a Blender camera animation to Sketchfab Viewer API camera animation tool

(Bart) #8

Correct. I never finished it as I couldn't work some of the math out :wink:

My concept was simple enough though: for each frame of the animation, I'd export the camera position and orientation. With that information my script would generated a piece of JavaScript that would update the camera for each frame.

I'm happy to share my work with you, but I have no time/plans to finish it :-/

(Andrew Leahy) #9

@vishnu27990 To me it sounds like your talking about a First Person navigation mode, see

But, in addition you want to constrain the region within which the camera can move, so it doesn't go thru walls. If you're a coder, that would be do'able with the Viewer API.

@bartv I'm interested in what you've got so far for your camera code.
I have mostly working camera nav for Space Navigator using Viewer API & GamePad API in the browser, but I'm shy.


(Vishnu27990) #10

yes @alfski, you got me correctly, i was talking about something simlar ...i'll try it, thanks,,,:smile:

(Pauljs75) #11

Even if it were possible to work out an animated camera on rails instead of navigation with collisions, that'd still be a pretty cool achievement. Think of the little scenery tours or theme park rides you could make with that. :smiley:

(Vishnu27990) #12

Yes @pauljs75 you just caught me :smile: i'm thinking of the same idea. just wanted to restrict my camera after certain boundary to make it more realistic for viewers.

(Catilaporte) #13

Hi Barttv , how about something like in the VRML navigators where you could set some POV hotlist and swich from one POV to another. (since is not so much the camera animation but more the camera point of view which is useful - I personnaly find it a pain to orbit around the 3 D world....)
..So the ideal would be to be able to save more than 1 setting in sketchfab, and so in the room of Vishnu , you would have for example:

One point of wiew: watching out the window,
another > the entrance of the room, a third > a dog under the table. (and it will automaticaly switch from one to another and also ,may be with some options such as
( clockwise, CClockwise , random) -
(1 sec. 5 sec .10 sec., random)
I hope this make sense to you!

(Bart) #14

Here's my code so far. So to be clear: it will export a pre-defined camera animation from Blender. (6.0 KB)

@catalaioch do you mean like our annotations, only animated?

(Catilaporte) #15


(Bart) #16

Try this: I added the ?annotation_cycle=2 parameter - the number controls the speed. You can discover that parameter in the embed dialog under 'embed options' or on the Annotations Help Center page.

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(Catilaporte) #17

(Sorry, I wasn't aware of this great feature wich i discovered only yesterday.!)


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.