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Can I change my account username?


(Jgwatson) #1

I started a Sketchfab account to test it out last night -- I loved it, and would like to switch my account name from my personal name ( /jgwatson ) to my company's name ( /lineagemediaandsolutions ). Can someone help me out with that?



Hi Jonathan,

All set:


(Cagri Taskin) #3

Hey James,
Same situation with Jonathan here: I signed-in with my personal name /cagri.taskin as a username a while ago but would like to change it to my company name /oddviz. Could you kindly help me on this?

I would like the address to be

Thank you,


Done :slight_smile:

You probably need to log in and out of the forum for the change to take affect here.

(Cagri Taskin) #5

Perfect! Thank you so much. We are here to stay.

(Frederic Robin) #6

Good evening James, I signed up on this site several years ago, it seems that back then I absent-mindedly let the site provide me with a default username from my first and last name, whereas i am used since 1999 to always sign up with the username "robinfredericf" on every website i register to, that helps me to google my contributions on the web without confusion with my numerous homonyms. This url would be great for me. Thanks!


No problem! It's done.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

(Itays) #8


I have the same issue. I would like to change the username /itays to Can you please assist?




You might have to log out and back in to the forum for the change to take effect here.

(Sd1) #10

Hey James can you change my account username from 'sd1' to 'seandoran'?


All set:

(Karlp) #12


can you please change my username to punt3d



No problem, all set guys:

(Karlp) #15

Does the forum id remain on the old name?


You probably need to log out and back in again for the forum name to change.

(Poly Labs L Lc) #17

Could I also have my account name changed to just PolyLabs?


Done: :slight_smile:

(James ) #19

Hi James, can you change my username to JamesA I would like to use my account for my portfolio and I don't really want to go around calling myself thefuglypanda


All set:

You can change your display name in settings, and you will probably have to log out of the forum and back in again for the change to take effect here.

(Oliver Cerny) #21

Hi James
Could you change my Username into my real Name please ?!?!
I used the Name O.C just in Memory of my Grandpa