Can I change my account username?


(Oliver Cerny) #21

Hi James
Could you change my Username into my real Name please ?!?!
I used the Name O.C just in Memory of my Grandpa


No problem, what username would you like?

(Osamakhaled2012) #23

Hi James can you change my name to digitamo, please?


All set: :slight_smile:

(Osamakhaled2012) #25

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Jrd707) #26

Can you change my username from JRD707 to ThoroughbredEngineering


That username already exists here:

Would you like me to delete that account for you?

(Jrd707) #28

Can you change my username from jrd7071adsf to JeremyDuncan


(Vertisea) #29

If at all possible, I would also very much desire a username change. I mistakenly made this account in a rush but felt right at home.

Right now my username is "Pixie3d". I'd like it to be "Vertisea" just as all my other online platforms. (Don't keep quotes, evidently.)

Thanks in advance James!


Done and done!

(Vertisea) #31

Cheers! Thanks James. :slight_smile:

(Mareon) #32

Hi James, could you change my account name from 'mareon' to 'mareoncz'?

I made it shorter because I thought It will be better, but I am using @mareoncz almost everywhere so this is more practical for me.

Thanks :slight_smile:


All set: :slight_smile:

(Lina Shqra) #35

Hello James
Can you please change my username from LinaShqra to Shaqra



(Lina Shqra) #37

Thank you

(Jodixd) #38

Hi James, sorry to jump on the bandwagon!

Please could you change mine from jodixd to FellBeastInMotion


(Elsielph) #39

Hi James,

Can you help me to change my username from elsielph to happs? thanks! :slight_smile:


No problem, done and done:

(Antonin Morlet) #41

Hi, same problem for me, I'de like to change my username to my personnal name.

I'd like the adress to be

Thanks! :slight_smile: