Can I change my account username?



All set:

(Prumo3dlab) #43

Hello James, is it possible to change my adress to ?
I also need the username as Zimbro 3D Studio please.

Thank you so much

(Ben) #44

Hi James.

I signed up with a handle and would like to change my username to my personal name:

Thanks in advance.


Done :slight_smile:

(Phology) #46

Hi James,

Can you change my username from /phology to /gamesburger



Done: :slight_smile:

(Anna Morrison) #48

Hi James, would it be possible to change username from to

Many thanks!


All set:

(Anna Morrison) #50

Thanks James!!

(Lasharillo) #51

Hey James, I´m in the same situation.
i would like to change my to, if possible.




I think you'll need to log out and back in for the change to take affect on the Forum / Help Center.

(Lasharillo) #53

Thank you bro :wink:

(Zpalo) #54

Hey James,
i would like to change my to, if possible.





(Susie) #56

Hello James,
I was wondering if you could change my username

to be

This username I used is my gamer id, but this username is not the same as on my other social media accounts, I guess it's better to change it for search engines and such,
Sorry for the trouble.

(Gmiller1672) #57

Hello James,
I am in the same situation. Can you please change my username. I started this as a test run and now i am using it for work.

I need it changed from gmiller1672 to JTG Daugherty Racing.


Both done :slight_smile:

(Victordantas) #59

Hi james! :slight_smile: I'm trying to standardize my web presence...
Could you change my username from victordantas
to borntobeavictor, please?

All hail the support king!


Done :slight_smile:

(Piritey) #61

Hey James,

When I made my account I meant to put 'SpiritKey' but I had deleted the 'S' and 'K' and forgot to put then back in as lowercase letters, but I pressed submit. later I noticed I was left with 'piritey'. I was wondering if you would be able to put the 's' and 'k' back in to make it: so that it is consistent with my other social media platforms.

Thank you. Regards,