Can I customize the annotation transition time?

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I'm using an embed element to display an annotated model in my web page. I have a question on transition duration times between annotations. Is there a way to slow down the transition between annotations? For example, when going from annotation 1 to annotation 2? In other words, can I specify a longer duration time for the transition?




You can do this for embedded models by specifying the "annotation_cycle" URL parameter. It can be 1, 2, 3, or 4.

For example, compare:


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Thanks for the reply. It's my understanding that 'annotation_cycle' changes the amount of time (in seconds) between transitions. I was able to set it to a high number (currently '16') in order to delay the period "between" transitions.

I'm actually trying to slow down the transitions themselves. I would like the change from one annotation to the next to take longer. I'd like that animation to be slower. Is there a URL parameter for that?

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Hi, also, I just noticed that the models in the links you provided appear to be private. Is there a public version available?

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I suppose another way to describe what I'm looking for is that I'm interested in having the movement slow down when autopilot / annotation_cycle is engaged?


@mudphone sorry about that. I've made my model public.

There's currently no way to change the speed of the movement/animation itself, but that parameter will change the delay in between annotations.

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@james Thanks. Okay, that's what I thought. So, the only way to configure the transition between views would be to use the Viewer API, I guess. I'll follow up with another post / question.

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Hello James

Have there been changes to this topic? Im getting "sea sick" viewing annotation that moves so fast around the models. Slowing the movment itself would be great.


Steinar, Oslo



There has been no update to this. As mudphone mentioned, using the Viewer API camera movement with the "duration" parameter is the only solution at the moment.

Do you have an example model where it's too fast so I could take a look?

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Hi James

Also looking for a way to slow down the crazy camera speed.
The users keep getting stuck under the models so I wanted to do a tour using the narration/annotation thing.
You can see from my model though that the movement is too fast.

I worked out how to change the pauses between movement but really need to slow down the camera between shots.

Don't know what an API viewer is. I just cut n paste the model address and email it to my customers so need to be able to add the instruction into the address - same as for changing the pause duration.

Tried adding duration to the address but no joy.


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Here with autostart, I think :wink:

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Any ideas on this one?
Seems odd that one can change autospin speed so easily but not the camera movement transition between annotations in autopilot?

Could really use some help on this one...


You can use the annotation_cycle parameter and set it equal to the # seconds you want between each annotation:


(Cheshire Creative) #15

Our workflow is to send the customer a link to the model with...


...added to the end. This works really well apart from having to put in up to 20 viewpoints (actually invisible annotations.) If we could control the camera speed we could do it in 4 which would save a lot of time when there's 200 models to produce.

Here's what we're trying to achieve - as you can see the effect is kind of ruined by all the stopping and starting

(had to take off https:// as the annotations visibility etc doesn't seem to work in a forum post?)

How difficult would it be to add this move duration? It would really be a great feature.

Please consider this a feature request rather than a complaint. There are now 3 of us on that thread who needed to be able to control the speed, plus the thread has had 1400 views so there's clearly a deal of interest.

I'm sure there would be more interest if users realised it was a feature as it would be a real game changer in terms of viewing the models.

Thanks for responding, much appreciated.


If you put a space in front of a link, the forum will not expand it:

I'll definitely pass on the feedback and add this to our feature request tracker. For now the only solution would be to use the Viewer API to move between camera positions, which includes a duration parameter.