Can I save the materials?

(Joel3d) #1

Can we save the materials settings, but upload a new geo?

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(Simon Kratz) #2

Afaik, materials are reset everytime you re-upload a model.
As a feature equest, I support that materials are saved when re-uploading a model.

(Bart) #3

We hear this request a lot and it's high on our wish list. From what I understand, it's not a simple thing to implement technically, but we're looking in to it.

(Joel3d) #4

Okay, Thanks very much for the reply.

(Mrchlblng) #5

@joel3d @essimoon, to give a bit more "technical" feedback, the reason it is not so easy is because it requires to perform some kind of "diff/merge" on the previously existing scene graph and currently processing one

  • the scene graph diffing is not completely trivial: suppose you use two different softwares (e.g. ZBrush for your first version and Maya for the second one); the input data would look very different and scene graphs could look not 'diffable' at all
  • as for the merge, what 'should' happen in case we detect some discrepencies between versions: would you rather keep the existing version or go with the new scene graph and have to reset all your materials?

Overall, the UX could easily become very cluttered.
Do not hesitate if you have some feedback on how you'd use such a feature!

Updating your model
(Simon Kratz) #6

Oh I see, so the difficulty arises from different formats, that makes sense! Thanks for explaining smiley For me as a user I was always assuming .objs and thought that it wouldn't be that difficult to compare the different .mtl files that come with it and keep the settings for those materials which match their names.
If I understand you correctly this approach might be even possible with different formats. Afaik each file type has some "concept" of material. It might be formated differently due to how the data of the specific file type is composed but in the end there should always be some kind of naming for materials and in my opinion that's what shoudl remain unchanged.
Let me give an example:
1. I upload an .obj including it's .mtl file which contains a material I named "default_body".
2. I setup all the shading and textures inside sketchfab.
3. Now I wanna change something. Let's assume I work in Blender. I do something to the mesh, maybe attach it to another mesh, weld faces, delete stuff and so on. Again I setup a material named "default_body" to the whole mesh or parts of it. I now use my original .blend file for upload.
4. My expectation: Sketchfab recognizes this material by it's name, keeps all the settings and the material is now applied to the new object/polygons.

Sry if my explanation is kind of "stupid", I don't really know much about what's going on in the background^^ But a comparison/merging based on the name is what would make the most sense to me.
'If the name is already there, keep/merge the material settings.'

(Joel3d) #7

Wow, thank you for explanation that is very interesting. Now that I think about it, and all of the different variations of software packages that you except on sketchfab it is truly a daunting task.

Sketchfab is still very new/young in some ways, even so, I am a big-big fan of the site! I imagine it will continue mature in lots of ways! How cool!

(Adeboye Grillo) #8

Besides all that has been said, I also wish we could export the material settings on sketchfab to .txt file or anyother suitable format. If we can export and import the materials, it will be easier to edit the materials and even create a Sketchfab material library for easy recall

(Mrchlblng) #9

@essimoon @joel3d we are trying to see if we could actually improve reupload. Could you detail me what you would expect to preserve and what feedback you would expect?

What is currently planned is, as suggested by @essimoon, to compare materials by their names:

  • if materials (as defined in the previous upload and the current model) are the same, we would keep the materials defined in the editor
  • otherwise, we keep the new materials
  • all other setup (camera, post-process etc.) are kept as defined in the editor

There are still some possibly 'tricky' parts:

  • we recommend to use unique materials names but do not enforce it; if multiple materials have the same name, then we would not be able to keep editor materials
  • if you change a texture used for a material (possibly just by changing the format), we would consider it is a new material
  • if you change model scale, the camera position applied might be wrong. Double-click somewhere on the screen would reset the camera and then it should be ok to find the desired position to save.

We don't want to clutter the UX so we would not offer any user choice for now. It is therefore hard to have something that work perfectly in all cases but this should work in most of real scenarii. We therefore need to provide useful feedback to artists.

Community feedback would be much appreciated on the subject!

(Joel3d) #10

That's really good news! Will let you know

(Simon Kratz) #11

I've uploaded 10 models so far and for each one of them I felt the same: Please save as much as possible.
For everything that doesn't get saved I have to re-adjust it anyway. All that gets saved might save us some additional work and that's just what we like smile
Saving stuff by names sounds pretty intuitive for me. I'd expect materials that I already adjusted in the previous upload to stay the same after re-upload.
If camera position or lighting setup are reset that's not such a big deal in my opinion.
What really takes a lot of time is the material setup. A regular pbr material requires so many textures and slider adjustments, it's really a lot to setup. So if just anything from that process can be saved (even if it might be incorrect in some special cases) please to it smile
Also I noticed some of my meshes inside a model share a material but in Sketchfab they are separate. Any chance for a copy/paste material option that copies just all the settings from one material to another? Or alternatively, is it possible for 2 separate meshes to share one material?

For my example I'm refering to this little guy:

Plom (small) from 'Shift Happens' by essimoon on Sketchfab

I'm absolutely sure I gave the 3 models just one material for the body and another one for the eyes. But since it's 3 models inside Sketchfab they had 6 materials (3 pairs of eyes, 3 bodies). So I had to adjust the stuff 6 times instead of twice with 4 of them being duplicates. I ended up just copy-pasting the hex color values which was ok then but it would have been nice if those extra steps could have been avoided smile

(Waleguene) #12

Hi @essimoon,

About the duplicated material issue, could you re-import your fbx in 3dsMax and check the number of material that it actually has ? (through the "Import" Menu, since drag'n dropping the file doesn't print the import window)

You can see it here:

You should normally have the same number of materials on Sketchfab (or maybe one more material called "rootNode" which is created for scene geometries that don't have materials assigned). Otherwise, if you get the expected number of material in the 3dsMax window, it means that the issue is in our side, and I will take a look on it smile


(Mrchlblng) #13

@essimoon thanks for the feedback. You should hopefully be happy with what we plan to implement then!

(Simon Kratz) #14

I'm sure it will be great! Really looking forward to see what you pull out of your head! smile

(Timeless3d) #15

It would be great to have the flexibility of swaping out the .obj while leaving the existing textures and settings.

(Mrchlblng) #16

Hi @timeless3d,

improving reupload by keeping as much data as possible from previous version is on our roadmap and should hopefully be live soon.
If you want a bit more background on this feature, you may have a look at
Do not hesitate to give us your expectations for this feature!

(Bart) #17

@timeless3d @mrchlblng I've merged the two threads

(Mohsenblur) #18

Hi guys,

I'm sure I'm not the only one who after uploading a model (using the plugin), quickly goes to the 3D settings to change the material and background / lighting to make it presentable.

I love all the options I have in customizing the look of the render, but, what I really miss is a button like "set as default" so that my uploads will automatically use these settings when I upload my next models to sketchfab.

What would be even better is a custom preset feature that allows me to save all rendering settings under a custom named preset. On top of that, it'd be great if for example, in Modo (or whatever software) I would have the option to select one of my presets (for the lighting and background) before uploading the model.

This would add so much value to Sketchfab, especially for people who are planning on using sketchfab as their primary tool for showcasing their models.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

(Bart) #19

@mohsenblur I've moved your question into the existing topic on this issue.

(Tbrazilc4d) #20

First thank you for this wonderful site!
I wonder if i can save a preset of a model settings for use in the next models.

I appreciate the help !!