Can I set my own preview image or get higher resolution for it?


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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to choose my own preview image. The problem I'm having is that I want to add it to my wordpress site in a pretty big format right under the actual images on the single portfolio page and it looks quite ugly with the default size if you crank it up all the way. Thought I ask if there is any way for me to upload my own image.

Thanks, Tim


Hi Tim,

At the moment you can't upload your own preview image. You can always set it with the Save View button, but it will be limited to our thumbnail generator's max size. That said, it should look pretty good at most sizes. Just how big do you want it to be? Can you post a link to the page?

You can also generate a separate image at any resolution using our screenshot generator:

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@james: thank you very much for your feedback. My website is currently still under work so I can't quite link to it yet but I went for a different layout now anyway where I have the thumbnails displayed on one page instead of having those big preview images.

Also your link is great, I haven't see that yet and I'll definitely make use of that screenshot generator. Awesome!