Can I use annotation to separate elements in my project?


(Gauntlit) #1

Hi guys,

I have a quick question about Annotations. My goal is to use the options available in Sketchfab to edit separate parts of my project.

From Blender, my project was created with separate "Objects"... These objects are: 1. the Hand. 2. flashlight and 3. the Leather strap(otherwise known as Gauntlit) that holds the flashlight on.

My intention was to use the awesome "Metal" option in order to make the hand (1) look cyborg-like... whereas the flashlight (2) might be touched-up with a lighter shade and the leather hand strap (3) would be pretty much the same.

I have used annotations to try and separate these things, however, Sketchfab seems unable to tell these 3 objects apart-- and therefore I don't know how to make ONLY the hand look metal.

Any help here?

Small note;

in a PREVIOUS project, I simply uploaded 2 objects (Two hands) and I annotated one as Hand 1 and the other as Hand 2.... I was successful in having them edited separately (IE, one hand is metallic, and the other is regular) ...But maybe that's because they are separate in space?

(Shaderbytes) #2

Annotation have nothing to do with the object tree or the materials list. They are for creating visual markers in the scene with title/description.

Materials are unique and shared on objects , one to many so to speak. If you have two objects and want to have them look different from each other you need two unique materials etc..