Can not change PBR colors

(Rowdysign) #1


I'm currently working on a page which allows users to change colors on my client's products. This works when I use the Sketchfab scene in Classic rendering mode. However, when I set the Sketchfab scene to "PBR rendering" mode, it won't work, I can not change the colors. When I check the logged materials I can see that I have changed the RGB values of "DiffuseColor" and "DiffusePBR", but nothing changes in the 3d scene. I also enabled DiffuseColor or DiffusePBR.

What am I doing wrong?

I would like to use PBR rendering because the scenes look far more realistic and more optimal for my client's products (safety showers), and, well, it just looks cooler. :smile:

(Stephomi) #2

DiffusePBR is for the pbr specular workflow.
For the metalness workflow, it's AlbedoPBR :smile:.
I know it might be confusing since it's probably not documented anywhere (if I'm not mistaken).

(Rowdysign) #3

Thank you, that worked :smile: