Can somebody help me with this?


(Redninjaoffire) #1

I tried to animate this robot for a class, but it won't work properly, in Maya it looks fine but when I export it this happens.

Any suggestions?

(Johnson Martin) #2

The animation looks fine on my end. Maybe you already fixed it. :slight_smile: If not, then could you elaborate on what is specifically wrong with the animation?

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @redninjaoffire,

I see that the left leg is shaking during the animation, and the issue is also visible in softwares such as FBX Review. It seems to be an export issue. Did you enable "Bake animation" in FBX export settings in Maya ?

(Also, there is another issue caused by mirror/symmetry modifier. The right part is messed up because of a negative scale. The color is slightly different because normals are wrong. I would suggest you to use a "apply transform" or "apply scale" in Maya to fix this, like