Can someone tell me where the exported fbx goes?


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Hi all - I am using the Sketchfab exporter for Maya (2015), and when I run it, it seems like the FBX exports with no problems, but there's nowhere I can go to direct where the output fil goes, and no matter what I name it, it doesn't come up on any searches. Nothing uoloads to my online account either, so I have no idea where this file is going! Is this just me being dumb, or is there a step I'm not taking?




The FBX file is exported to your TEMP directory. The exact location will depend on your OS / version. When you use the exporter, it should give you the directory of the log file in the status bar near the bottom. If you open that log, you can see where your temp directory is and the exact path to the FBX.

However, if the upload is successful, why do you need the original file? You could also simply enable Download on Sketchfab to get the file.


Hey! Did you figure out the Maya exporter?

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Ha - thanks guys. Yeah, it was just that I hadn't pasted in the API token. The Maya exporter has a little "settings" button that you have to click to paste it in there so that it knows which account the fbx is being uploaded to, and I didn't realize that until a few tries and several profanities later. :smile:


Haha great :smile: