Can´t scroll if i tap over embed model on mobil

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so the thing is that i embeded a model into a site,but in the mobil version if i place the finger over the embeded model i cant scroll up or down,also if i place the finger outside the canvas i can,does anyone have a solution?


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Same issue here..


There's not a good solution to this right now, as there is no way to distinguish between a tap to scroll and a tap to move the model...


This really needs to get fixed guys. On mobile devices Google Maps allows you to force users to use two fingers to scroll on a map embedded on a website… if you touch it with one finger, the page scrolls and a message appears telling you to use two fingers to interact with the map (Open on mobile device for demo:

I’m faced with this same issue as well… it’s not terrible, but it’s not ideal.


Found a GREAT workaround that I’m really happy with for my site. I’ve gotten my developers to add a blank (see through) /DIV on both sides of the embedded model window that are 15% the width of the browser window (70% in the middle used for interacting with the model). Users typically attempt to scroll on the edges of the screen, so most of the time they try to scroll, the scroll works.

What also works for me is that my model is a hockey player, so it’s mostly in the middle of the screen anyway, so it makes more sense for people to want to touch the hockey player in the middle to spin him around.


Glad you found a workaround! That sounds like a great solution.

Edit: Thought some more and it would be tricky for us to change the input like that on mobile because two fingers is already pan and 3 fingers is light/environment rotation.