Can users change the colour of a specific part of the model by a click/touch on this part?

Hello everyone,

I want to make an interactive human body model with functions below:

  1. The users click on/touch a specific part of the body, and only the part they click on/touch changes colour, and the change is saved. For example, a user clicks/touches the head of the model, then only the head part turns to be red, and red forever.
  2. The change can be seen by other users. Just like Google Docs. For example, Mike clicks on the head, then Bob opens the page and sees a model with red head. Then Bob clicks on the left hand. Then Charlie opens the page and sees a model with red head and red left hand.

Is it possible to do so? What kind of tools do I need?
I know how to make models in Blender, and I know a little bit about Java and JavaScript.

Many thanks!

You can achieve this with our Viewer API. Start by checking out the samples on this page:

Syncing the changes to other users will require some network functionality on your side, this is not part of our Viewer API.