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Can we maintain a list of known working setups for WebVR?

(Aleahy) #1

Hi - while desktop webVR is in development and sometimes broken it may be helpful if Sketchfab could maintain a list of "known working" webvr set ups?

Maybe a star rating table with - *** awesome; ** mostly okay; * broken

Kind of like the appdb page for Windows apps on Linux at

eg. my experience as at Fri 21 October 2016:

Works - [*** 3 STARS] - ChromeVR 54.0.2823.0, HTC Vive, Windows 10
* browser window goes into tracked split view
* use wand controller pointer 'blue laser+pancake reticle' and trigger for teleporting
* 3d model of one wand controller
* controller left-right to resize scene
* keyboard (arrows or WASD) movement controls work

Mostly Works - [** 2 STARS] - ChromeVR 55.0.2864.0, HTC Vive, Windows 10
* browser window goes into tracked split view
* uses gaze based teleport, vive controller pad press to initiate teleport
* no 3d model for wand controllers
* gaze 'pancake' reticle can't be turned off. I find this VERY distracting!
* keyboard movement controls work

[** 2 STARS] ChromeVR 55.0.2869.0 same as 55.0.2864 above

[** 2 STARS] Firefox Nightly 52.0a1, HTC Vive, Windows 10
* browser window shows chess board pattern, HMD image is okay
* no 3d models for vive wand controllers
* headset has gaze-based pancake reticle but no triggers from wands seem to work?
* keyboard movement controls work allowing movement around scene

Alf | Wonderama Lab | Western Sydney University

(Stephomi) #2

That's a good idea, not sure where we'd keep that list though.

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(Aleahy) #4

Hi, my desktop WebVR & Sketchfab VR status as of February 8 2017 on Windows 10 GTX970 with HTC Vive headset.

It's not good! One step forward, two steps backward :confused:

ChromeVR webvr builds 2902 & 2910 - crashes out. This is a known build+Vive problem, fix coming.

Mozilla Nightly 54.0a1 - when it switches to VR the room-scale floor is too high. I'm able to place the controllers "under the floor" where my feat are! Floor height varies from model to model. Also crashes out a lot.


Andrew | Wonderama Lab | Western Sydney University

(Your Man In Tokyo) #5


The new Firefox WebVR enabled version sort of works for me, but has huge issues. Floor height is always off (too low), and the images stutters badly when I turn my head. Same problem on AFrame site, but there the floor is too low. Controllers work on both sites.

I am on Vive, Windows 10, high spec Dell Area 51 Nvidia 1080. Vive games have no such issues. I have lates Nvidia driver installed, may need reeekibg for WebVR.

Chromium used to work most of the time, but now I get an overload error when I switch to VR in Sketchfab.