Can you extract textures from one of your models?

(Harold) #1


A few days ago i had the unfortunate problem that my hard drive crashed with no recovery or backup.
I had lost some of my textures and progress but fortunatly it still uploaded on a model on my account!
But when i put it up for download i only get the .Blend file with no textures. (I added the textures to the model later on)

So my question is can you exctract the textures from a model you have uploaded?
If so how would i proceed in doing so?

Heres the model i am talking about:

Thank You for your time,

(Lapin) #2

Hi harold! You can find all your textures in the cache of your browser after viewing your model. Or press on your keyboard Ctrl+Shift+i. Then click click "Resources" as in the picture. There you will find your textures. Click 2 times with the mouse on the desired texture and save it in a folder.
Good luck.

(Harold) #3

Oh wauw! That worked suprisingly well! :smiley:
Thank you very much this was really ussefull!!


@harold Yep, that's the quick way to get them yourself.

However, those are going to be the optimized/compressed/resized versions that we generate for rendering. I've gathered your original images and I will send you an email :smile:

(Lapin) #5

The original textures probably can too. If you really want. :wink:

(Harold) #6

Ahh thank you very much!! ^.^
Really helpfull! I'll be sure to backup my files from now on....

(Lapin) #7

harold this is the right decision. I am paranoid and reserve my work on two hard drives. :smile:

(Harold) #8

xD its clear to me now :frowning:

I can never trust hard drives any more... I have backed it up to 2 Hard Drives 2 Sites, and to a friend just in case xD
Never too paranoid!!


@lapin you are correct, nothing is impossible with a bit of digging :wink: