Can you use Samsung Gear VR to view models from the site?

(Tgazda) #1

After two weeks I picked up Gear VR. My phone downloaded updates for Oculus and Samsung Internet.
But after updating when I open a sketchfab model site in Samsung Internet and then tap on View in VR icon it goes full screen mode. No VR, I can see a big 2D canvas with the view of both eyes.
I tried to re-enable web-vr, so I went to internet://webvr-enable, but now it redirects to internet://urls.
Is there a user with Gear VR who still can use the VR headset, or something went wrong with sketchfab site or webvr?

(Tgazda) #2

Answer from support: "Viewing in VR on the Gear is really unreliable at the moment. I'm afraid we can't provide much support as most improvement's need to happen on Samsung's end."

So if anybody plans to buy samsung gear vr to use sketchfab like me, don't do that. :frowning:

(Frenetikvoid) #3

Does it work now?

(Tgazda) #4

Yes, now it works perfectly.

(yazze) #5

Nope it doesn’t, controls (sidepad or controller) are messy as hell on gearvr