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Can you use Sketch Fab offline?


(Markgoater) #1

Hi Folks

Is it possible to install the 3D viewer on a desktop or laptop so the models could be viewed without an internet connection?

Kind regards



We don't have an offline mode at the moment, but if you pre-load the models while you do have a connection and don't close the page, you'll still be able to use it.


(Gordon Jack) #4

Nice tip thanks!

(Caldwell2s) #5

Any recommendations for an easier offline 3dmesh viewer for stand alone Windows PC's or to be loaded on a local network/intranet server that will allow viewing from a webpage on the intranet.

(Hakkun) #6

Is there a way to host a model on an external server, like your own web server and load it from there?


Currently, we don't license the viewer technology for others to host and all models must be uploaded, processed and hosted on Sketchfab servers. Sorry!

(Rybird) #9

I found this with a search, but have not had time to try it. It's on the Wings 3d forum , what appears to be the answer to Calwell2s question.

(Mechanical Whispers) #10

That's a great tip about loading the model on a web page, and not closing the browser to keep the data loaded for offline use. I'm about to show a client some models on Sketchfab, and I don't know if there is Wi-Fi where I will be. So I will try this option. Though it would be amazing to have a desktop app that opens local models for viewing. The Sketchfab viewer and rendering engine is nice to use. Hopefully they are still considering a desktop PC app for viewing models in the future.