[CANCELLED] Dungeons & Monsters


(Creationsmaxo) #1

I'm starting my first entry with a scene that includes 3 different sets of dungeon:
- A Cemetery
- A Cave
- A Ruin

While those are 3 different sets, I'm planning on making them relatively compatible together.
Their assets' color schemes will be similar with mix gray & purple-ish for stones & rocks, similar green shades for grass as displayed in the examples given and dark shades of gray for metallic things.

Once the environment will be completed, I'll be planning on creating at least 2 monsters:
- A skeleton based Kevin Pauly’s humans' characters.
- A green slime. Might make 3 variances of it with 3 different color: Green, Red and Blue.
Its size will be approx. half of a character.

If there are still time remaining by the end, I'll also create a 3rd monster: a flying brown bat.
Its size will be approx. 1/3 of a character in height, but the same arms' length with its open wings.

If things really goes too well, I'll add in a small ruined wizard tower. It's far and while I got plenty of ideas for that tower, I'll refrain myself from focusing on that for now.

There's one thing I would like to know though and that is the "average" size of each human characters from the source of the City Center ( https://sketchfab.com/models/97e0ec56f2164bfab6874417a5470cdf) Considering we're working in meters and the character's disproportional sizes, should we consider the average humans' height as approx. 1.8m?


Due to a drastic change in my health for the last 2 weeks, I have to cancel my participation in the contest. For the last 2 weeks, I could barely work at all as my health deteriorated in a matter of days. I'm currently getting better, but I'm not able to gather enough energy to fulfill everything in my schedule. For this reason, I had to painfully cut the contest out of it. (I really wanted to work on it... but priorities, right?)