Cannot download files [download api] 403

We are integrating Sketchfab into our online AR editor. We are able to browser models and get the download URL.

However when we try download the zip file as described in the documentation. We get a 403 when we try to extract from the zipHttpReader. But if we paste the link directly into the browser it downloads fine.

Are we missing some header value?

After some more digging, Iā€™m currently suspecting the problem to be on zip.js. I was able to solve it though:

        fetch(url).then(res => {
            return res.blob();
        }).then(blob => {
            const reader = new zip.ZipReader(new zip.BlobReader(blob));
            return reader.getEntries();
        }).then(file => {
            console.log('file: ', file);
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