Cannot insert Images in model description

I have not been able to add images to any of my model descriptions. I have tried using links to both imgur and google photos. I am attempting to embed modest-sized (~300KB) images in PNG format.

Hi @taylorcustom

We recently released a fix to this. Do you still experience this issue?


Thanks for your reply! Yes, I am still having this problem. Here is one example:

After I edit the model description, I think that the image appears verry briefly before being replaced by the missing-image icon.

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Hi @taylorcustom ,

I just checked your description and fixed the image for you. For future notice, the correct syntax to include an image in markdown is:


Where you need a link to the image, so is valid because it’s an image, whereas is not, because it’s a website.
The link to the image comes between the () and not the [].
You can read more about it here.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Perfect! Thanks!

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