Cannot interact with annotation in VR mode (using HTC Vive)

(Emao2) #1

Until a couple a days I go I was able to interact with models just fine in VR mode. I could hover on annotation number and it will highlighted blue and then I could select it and the full annotation would appear. However, now there is no interaction with the annotation at all, but the other controls work fine, such as scaling and teleportation.

(Aleahy) #2

Hi, which desktop browser are you using?

Have you tried switching between Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly to see if the behavior is the same?
WebXR in the browser is changing week to week at the moment.

(Federico Lorenzin) #3

Hi, I confirm that it is no longer possible to interact with the annotations.
I’m using a Microsoft mixed reality headset.
I tried these browsers:

  • Edge;
  • Chrome (SteamVR);
  • Chrome Canary;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Mozilla Firefox Nightly.
    The behavior is always the same (no annotations clickable).
    I also tried with Lenovo Daydream Mirage Solo headest (Chrome, Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev) but in this case it may be normal for the annotations to not be selected.
    I hope it helps.
    Good evening.

(Anatomy Dundee) #4

We’re having the same issue, can’t interact with annotations is firefox with vive.

(Anatomy Dundee) #5

Just tried a few things. Have the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome canary. Chrome canary works but no controller visible, have to navigate by looking then clicking trigger - can’t interact with annotations. Firefox is perfect with the exception of not being able to interact with annotations.

Using HTC Vive on windows 10.

If anyone knows of any work around, other browsers or when a fix might come that would be great. Thanks.

(Pierre Savoie) #6

February 2019, this bug isn’t fixed yet.
I’m using the latest version of firefox.

(Mezbreezedesign) #7

Same issue here - would really appreciate even a workaround suggestion about this. Reported this via 18 days ago, no response at all. As this is now getting urgent [I’m currently in negotiations with a publisher to showcase a Sketchfab-based story at a series of UK festivals and they’re concerned that currently it can’t be accessed via VR properly as they’ve tested as well, and the annotations definitely don’t show] can anyone help? As a Pro subscriber I’d really appreciate input from Sketchfab support.