Cannot save 3d settings at all


(Karanpratap) #1

Hi, I am trying to upload textures separately after uploading my model but every time I attempt this, Sketchfab doesn’t let me save the 3D settings of the model.

It shows the following error: An unexpected error happened while saving the following settings: materials

I have tried only uploading one texture at a time and also tried uploading all of them at once. I have tried it both on Chrome and Firefox!

I am generating the PBR maps by choosing the Sketchfab export option in Substance Painter 2018. I am also converting the .dae mesh that Substance Painter generates into a .fbx in Blender as the .dae file is too big.

Here is a link to the model,

(Bart) #2

I can’t reproduce any issues with texture uploads here. What is the file type and size of the texture you’re trying to upload? And what’s the combined size of the model+texture file? I’m asking because the combined file size will need to be under 50MB as you’re using a free account.

(Karanpratap) #3

The textures are a mix of jpg and png files. Most of them are under 5 MB in size. Even when I tried to upload and save a single 2 MB texture the 3D settings did not let me save and thew the same error.

(Bart) #4

Understood. What’s the model’s filesize before uploading? Remember that the model+textures need to stay under 50MB - that’s what might be causing this.

(Karanpratap) #5

The model size is about 42 MB. It is a fbx file.

(Bart) #6

@support any suggestions what might be happening here?

(Dan) #7

That’s odd - I’ve seen this particular issue only a handful of times in the past months although it usually solves itself after a short time. I went ahead and reset the model cache in hopes that it would fix this. @karanpratap If you’re still having issues, please let us know.

(Karanpratap) #8

Still getting the same error.

(Dan) #9

I’m sorry to hear that. Would you mind sending in a Help Center ticket (including an attachment to the texture file you’re trying to upload) so we can troubleshoot this together: