Cannot save background image on pro account

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I have been able to save a background image before, the same one I am trying to now, but currently it just keeps trying to save without seeming to be able to do so. The image size is 1500,1050. What could be going on?


(Ross) #2

I'm thinking I might be having this issue too, just seems to stick on save settings.

I'm going to leave my PC on overnight, see if it finally gets anywhere though I have my doubts.


Hi guys,

I'm sorry, it's not clear if you're talking about uploading/saving a custom background, or saving the thumbnail ("Save View"), or both?

Can you clarify for me? Thanks!

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Sorry I was not more clear: I am having a problem with uploading and saving a custom background. "Save View" is working just fine.

Many thanks!



I reproduced the issue. It looks like the background actually is being uploaded successfully, but there's an error that stops Save Settings from "finishing". If you refresh the page, your background should be available.

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I've just attempted to do that with no success. Refreshing the page only keeps the initial background.


This is what happens for me:

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Hi James,
I am having the same issue with background images on my pro account. Up until maybe last week or so I had no problems uploading background images from a file, but now I have the same problem that FPAN described. Is this being fixed?


Yes, we're working on a fix!

The workaround above should work, as long as you wait long enough for the image to be uploaded.

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Got it to work. Perhaps I was not waiting long enough? In any case, many thanks for your help. As always, the Sketchfab crew is amazing!