Cannot update cover image


[update, no need to reprocess I managed a work around by duplicating the file, seems to have reset the error!]

For some reason I cant set the cover image for my scene.
I want to show the cover as the last frame with box and contents open, however the saved image is correct angle but at the beginning of the animation.

Would you be able to manually process the file to set cover image to final frame of the same view?
Prefered cover image:


Sooo… process of duplicating/switching out old file seems to have solved one problem but then cause a chain reaction which brought down all of the embeds for scenes in my libary and each link had to be reset manually…(i say chain reaction because I saw them go down one by one… was like wackamole trying to get the links back up)

The 504 in the previous post is an example of what happened on my kickstarter page… scene on sketchfab is still working, just all embeds got killed. [edit - i see its back up now, was down with 504 error for a good 2 hours.]

Can you guys see what happened on your end? Is this something i need to be aware of in the future?

p.s. sorry for asking difficult questions!!

No need to apologize for asking the difficult questions @daadaa That’s what we’re here for! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear everything appears resolved now although I’m curious to understand what prompted the 504 error messages as well. To clarify, you were duplicating (on Sketchfab) the model embedded on your website?

Yeah, model was linked to KS page when I duplicated the model, I think all of it was running fine until I replaced the embed link with the new duplicate (renamed) model then all the embeds started going down.

That’s very strange. I wonder if it was something universal on our servers (although I didn’t see any . other messages about this at the time). If it happens again, please do let us know and feel free to share the pages where the viewer is embedded.

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When you “Save View” in 3D Settings, we automatically save settings, which triggers a new thumbnail to be generated on our end. The automatic thumbnail for animated models always uses the first frame of the animation.

If you want the thumbnail to use a different frame, you can do the “Save View” from the model page instead of 3D Settings.

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Hey thanks for the help guys! Its working great now so will do more testing after its over!