Cannot upload HDR

Hello, I am trying trying to upload an custom HDR as a .EXR file.

Whenever I browse for the file nothing happens. I don’t see an error message and the HDR is not uploaded. I tested this out on both Chrome/Firefox and I am on a PC.

I have a premium account.


Nevermind. It appeared a while after I had uploaded it. So it is working.

But there seemed to be no indication that anything worked and reloading didn’t work when I uploaded. But the HDRs eventually appeared in the drop down when I checked a few hours later. So it seems that there is a long delay on eventual upload.

Hey there !

Thanks for your report. There is currently an issues with the UI piece that should notify you of the progress. It will be fixed in a couple days.

Sorry for the inconvenience !

– A

The issue still seems to exist, is there any chance of resolving it in the future?

We’re aware that HDR/EXR processing is quite slow at the moment, but it should appear in your list eventually.

We have some ideas to improve environment processing, but I don’t have an ETA for that.