Cannot upload new models or reupload new versions

Hello, I have tried reuploading new versions without success - the upload process completes, processing carries on for an unusually long time. But only the old version of the model ever appears.

If I upload new models, upload completes, processing copletes, I press save. But the model draft is nowhere to be seen.

Is something wrong with the Sketchfab site? I was trying to prep models for a big product launch tomorrow.

Hi @GLS,

Thanks for reporting.
According to the logs, your models are reaching our processing timeout limit of 1h. I see that the models are quite heavy in polycount (4.4M).
(Even if not recommended for performance reasons, Sketchfab supports models with this kind of high polycount)

Note than reupload is like a regular processing but with additional steps. It’s possible that this extra step moves the total time beyond the fixed limit.

Could you share one or several models having the issue ?
I’ll have a look at them and get more context so that I can provide you some tips to help you get this ready for tomorrow

I inspected one of the failing models and it seems that you have a lot of polygons, and tesselating the whole model through 3dsMax should speedup the processing and bring it below the time limit.

In 3d file formats, each polygon has it’s own primitive declaration. In your case, the model will have 47k polygons in total, spread across the few geoms, so it’s much heavier than just having a single primitive full of triangles.
At a moment, the processing needs to split all of them to compute missing data and apply other operations, and we observed that some of the parts are spending more time on polygons than other primitives.

I don’t anything else for now so it should work if you use this workaround.

Keep us in touch :slight_smile:

Hi, won’t this make the model into one object?

Also I don’t understand - why will tessellating make it easier to upload? It will have more polygons after tessellation won’t it?

Only the topology of the model will be different and it will be only at geometry level where you will have triangles instead of polygons, but the model will look the same in 3D rendering. The look will be exactly the same, only with some diff in the way the data is organized.

The diff will be visible if you enable the wireframe, but I don’t really expect it to be visible regarding the complexity of the model.

Tesselating will mean less work for the processing, so less time in overall, which should fix the timeout issue, with a higher polycount yes.
(I’m suggesting this workaround since we recently observed some timeouts on FBX models having a lot of polygons in the past weeks and it’s not clear if it can be improved for now)

I hope it helps

Hi, thanks for this suggestion, but tessellation raises the size of the models beyond what can be uploaded.