Can't add Sketchfab model in steam

(Sannie01) #1

I can’t add any model of mine to steam workshop creations. If I add the link to a workshop creation it says:

An error occured when opening the item. Please try again later.

This might have something to do with the new urls models have.


Yes it’s probably related to the new URLs. If you manually create the old URL structure and add it in, does it work?

For example:


(Sannie01) #3

Tried it before, didn’t work. But now it seems it does!


Ok thanks. Can you send me a steam workshop link where it’s working?

Do you have any idea what steam uses to generate the embed for supported URLs (Sketchfab, video sites, etc.) ? (oembed, embedly, …)

(Sannie01) #5

As for your question, no idea. Uses Iframe for embed I think.



We just talked to our contact at Steam and they said they pushed a fix. Could you try a new URL structure again and let me know if it works?

(Sannie01) #7

Thanks, the new url does work now on steam!