Cant apply ground shadows to this model.. :-/

(Nickholl) #1

Hi, im loving the new ground shadows option, but seem unable to apply it this model. Would anybody know why?

many thanks

(Bart) #2

It’s because your scene is set to Shadeless; the Shadow Catcher option can only be used on models in Lit shading mode. Shadeless and MatCap modes are not supported.

Also note that you can only use the ‘shadow catcher’ option for animated scenes. The baked Ambient Occlusion can’t do animations.

To fix, switch to lit and add a light. You can find more information here:

(Nickholl) #3

that was my initial thought - but i have other shadeless models that im able to add baked shadows to…

(Bart) #4

That other model is not animated. You’re stuck in this particular case because the model is both shadeless AND animated:

  • Animated excludes AO and only allows Shadow Catcher
  • Shadow Catcher requires a lit scene

(Nickholl) #5

doh! :slight_smile:

Would be great to be able to add real time shadows to shadeless models I think :slight_smile: