Can't Change my Password or E-mail

(Unable To Find Name) #1

Hello. I’m having a really bizarre issue with changing my settings information.
Whenever I attempt to change my e-mail or password it won’t allow me because my current password is less than 8 characters long. it says "Please match the requested format"
I must have made the account before having 8 characters was mandatory or something. The obvious solution was just to pretend like I forgot my password and have one of those verification e-mails be sent to do so. Earlier today I deleted an old e-mail that my sketchfab was linked to (sill, I know) so that option isn’t available to me since the confirmation e-mail is being sent to a dead address.
I am quite stuck and unsure what to do. Is there a way to have an admin/employee manually reset my password?

Thank you.



Can you please send me a DM on the forum with the dead email address that’s currently set on the account and the email address you would like it to be? I’ll change the email address and send you a new password reset.