Can't decide Rift or Vive


(Kurt Drubbel) #1

Hi everyone, i am looking to invest a bit into VR technology.
I am eagerly anticipating the release of Daydream standalone but wouldn't mind getting a pro set as well.

Are Rift and Vive still valid options or are there any new developments on the horizon ?
Hololens seems cool but a bit out of reach.
Maybe this mixed reality thing is the next thing, does sketchfab support this ?
Maybe Rift2 or Vive2 soon ?

I'm stuck, might get the cardboard thingy first...


I've found the HTC Vive to be the most reliable and the best experience so far.

Mixed reality is experimental at best, but we're certainly looking into it.

(Xmt) #3

Up until recently, mixed reality has been working perfectly; but I think everyone has been having issues with VR lately. Mixed reality is a little less demanding on computer specs. You do need to try it first though. I have a Dell system at work and it seems blurry because it will not allow my eyes to get close enough to the lenses. That also limits the field of vision. I have an Acer system at home and this is much better in that respect. WMR is probably the easiest of the lot to set up. Hopefully things will get a bit more stable as times move on.

(Kurt Drubbel) #4

I strongly beg to differ,…

I first tested the HP win MR system and loved the build quality and resolution (which is better than the vive).
The controllers feel a lot cheaper/lighter than the vive ones which are absolutely great.

However, in their attempt to build a (slightly) cheaper setup they made compromises that will fail their entire concept.
The biggest issue for me was swapping out the batteries every hour of use only after noticing glitches more and more (there is no battery lvl indication, they just slowly stop working). That just frustrated the hell out of me.

The other issue is that they track everything (ie controller movements) with the front cameras. When a controller is not in sight it is ‘lost’ and even worse it tends to get a life of it’s own and randomly appears in front of you.

Lastly it was obvious that decent content and support was missing and you are bound to the windows store (!) most likely this will get better but i didn’t like this at all and felt i had boarded the wrong train.

Like i said, the biggest issues are the tracking and batteries, something they can’t address within their design layout forced onto all of the brands making these headsets. I’m sure that for some uses this mr gear can work but i’d strongly advise against it and buy a vive or anything else really.

Sent the damn thing back, ordered a vive and never looked back, working like it should without the frustration, glitches, etc.

Just my objective findings between the 2 systems.

(Xmt) #5

I have rechargeable batteries in both the Dell and Acer systems, but so far have never had to recharge them, so sounds like there was a problem with your system. I agree that tracking outside the field of view is a bit limiting (actually the tracking cameras’ FOV is quite a bit wider than the visual one), but not an issue for my use. WMR suits me because I can take a laptop and set up a demo very quickly, which is the main reason I chose this system. For a more permanent setup I have no doubt that the Vive is the way to go. Things can only get better, as long as MS sticks with it and does not abandon it like they did with Windows Mobiile. Vive is certainly the better bet for compatibility (at the moment), though it is not true that you are bound to the Windows store as there is plenty in Steam.

(Kurt Drubbel) #6

Many new headsets are coming from big players (standalones, daydream, etc), i hope ms anticipated that for their own sake.

(David Antalek) #7

The Vive Pro is coming out very soon, and has much better resolution (1440 x 1600 pixels per eye) vs (1080 x 1200 per eye) than the current Vive and Rift. Getting rid of that screen door effect is a must to really enjoy the VR experience so if you can, wait just a little longer. There is also the Pimax 8k headset coming but for reliability and comfort of use, wait for the Vive Pro.

(Kurt Drubbel) #8

Aye, pro better be released soon :star_struck:

(Shaderbytes) #9

Mixed reality is just Virtual reality … coined by mircrosoft so all the mixed reality headsets from various manufacturers are just VR headsets that use the microsoft tech in reality. There is only AR and VR, mixed reality is just VR rebranded.

(David Antalek) #11

You’re right. I think the closest thing to a mixed reality headset would be something you could see through. Something akin to Google glass where you can see & interact with real life and yet have a virtual overlay. :eyeglasses: :space_invader:

(Xmt) #12

Not wishing to get too far from the original point, I think Windows Mixed Reality is the name of Microsoft’s overall framework that supports both VR and AR.

(Kurt Drubbel) #13

I think they want to integrate future hololens type features which is why the vive pro also has 2 cams on the front i think

(Shaderbytes) #14

no they are quite distinct in naming everything about hololens as AR . they never refer to hololens as some mixed reality device. it is definitely two distinct things to them MR and AR. Which is VR and AR :wink: Anyway i have an oculus personally so i will be pro oculus, in the end they all fighting for your attention and they all want to be propriety at best so they can own the market. Both will have pros and cons and you will get varied opinions , but oculus or Vive is a good buy VR wise , make sure you pc is strong enough to run it properly. gtx 970 min which is what i have , but i doubt you can go lower

(Lareieli) #15

I don’t know if this was true in February but I can access everything on Steam VR with my Samsung Odyssey Windows MR set. I came here looking for what I CAN’T yet do, which is look at Sketchfab content. Anyone know the trick?