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Can't download my model (option is missing!)


(Dodlur) #1

hello -

so i'm a little confused about the download option gone missing. our server crashed recently - and i lost a lot of our original design - and i was hoping sketchfab would be my backup resource.

anyway around this?


(Kennyt) #2

I'm having this problem too, I need to download the texture back cuz i lost mine on pc.
Please help~

(Bart) #3

We're currently experiencing an issue with the properties dialog. If you access it from the Model page, the download option is not available. If you click the 'gear' icon on the model card in your models overview and then select 'Properties', it will work. We'll get that fixed asap!

(Dodlur) #4

ókei -

it worked! :smiley: thanks for that...


This issue should be fixed now!