Can't download my models


(Streamcolors) #1

i have some problem downloading my models. the option button "download" remain greynand i can't click it.
i have seen that i can download models from other users. I have tried to log out and log in but this doesn't fix the issue.
I have the pro account and triedon differents pc and browsers.
Let me know if you can fix this.



Can you please try to turn download off, save, then turn it back on again?

Sometimes this can happen if you enabled download during the upload process. It's best to wait until after upload.

(Streamcolors) #3

Ok it works in that way. smile
Thanks for all james

(Jepolqwerty) #4

hi sir, im searching right now for the solution, i cannot download my file, i download the fole it says that it is in progress but nothing happen


What browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser or turned off plugins/extensions?

(Jepolqwerty) #6

i used google crome, what plugin?

(Jepolqwerty) #7

sir i used internet explorer now, thank you so much sir, another question sir, how can i send may model to pc directly from my ipad?


Sorry, I'm not sure what you're trying to do :confused:

(Skafpotolok) #9

I try to download my model...

The requested file is not available yet. Please try again later.


Hmm, can you send me the link?