Can't edit the name of one collection


(Iardo) #1

the edit feature is working fine but for some reason i can’t edit the name of one of my collections, it’s weird, the collection is called: “Characters-Other”, i want to rename it to: “Char: Other” to follow my naming convention, but the save button don’t do any action, doesn’t matter what i input, is this a bug?.

(Iardo) #2

dont worry anymore, i just going to create a new account.


I couldn’t reproduce this issue. Maybe it was a browser issue? I would love to figure out what was going on if you have more details. Is there any error in the Developer Console?

(Iardo) #4

error on chrome 67.0.3396.79 (Official Build) (64-bit), with uBlock extension disabled.

(Iardo) #5

same request error on brave, with the shields disabled


Hmm ok. I just changed it for you:

(Iardo) #7

thank you :grinning: