Cant enter edit mode of reuploaded model

Hello, we have this issue on duplicated models.
This model has just been reuploaded, right?

yes , reuploaded , not duplicated… just uploaded first time today no issues , saved scene after doing materials. then I wanted to change the one piece of geometry to look better, so I made the edit and then did reupload. Since that entering edit mode it does load the editor screen but bombs out with the above errors and the preloader for loading the scene never starts , so it is basically stuck there.

Ok thanks for the report, we are going to look into it.

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I am having that same issue with this model -

I reuploaded it a few times… and now am unable to load the editor.
the only thing i changed the last time is that added the pointy dark green plants.

Don’t know if this helps, I went through a similar workflow(multiple re-uploads) on these models but the issue didn’t happen… -

this i re-uploaded a lot since i kept having issues with animation… then realised that blender 2.8 animation is not yet supported. So then I depreciated it and uploaded as a fresh model -

Hello, the issue is with the ground baked Ambient Occlusion. That’s the reason why the second model doesn’t have the issue.