Can't Get Scrollwheel=0 to Work



I've managed to dial in al the settings that I want so far, but for some reason stopping the scrollwheel from zooming won't work. Anyone got any tips/ideas on how to stop the scroll wheel from zooming in on the model while browsing my site?

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Try this way:". So don't use ; use & instead.


Worked like a charm. Thank you so much.


Question to add to this: This setting for the scroll wheel works awesome on PC, but on mobile, where the model spans the width of a typical screen, the vertical swipe of your finger spins the model not scroll the screen as expected.

Is there a way to limit a model's rotation only around the y-axis, and thus allowing the vertical scroll input of the finger to remain the input for scrolling of the webpage on mobile as well?


Hmm, I don't think scrollwheel=0 will work with mobile because swiping to rotate and swiping to scroll are the same thing on touch screens. @mauricesvay any ideas?

We don't have features to constrain the camera yet, but it's a common request and something we hope to implement in the future. I'll add your '+1' to this feature request.

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On mobile, touching on the viewer will still interact with the 3D model. There is no way to distinguish between scroll and interaction on mobile.


Thanks for the feedback guys, I look forward to the constrained camera views. My customers wont necessarily be that comfortable manipulating a 3D model, so having only a turn table style control would be much appreciated.


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.


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I have a Sketchfab model embedded on my website and scrollwheel=0 used to work properly, but since a few days it doesn't work anymore (my model doesn't load at all). Did I miss an update or something like that?




I also answered in the Help Center. Sorry about that, fix is on the way!

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It's working, thanks a lot!