Can't get textures to work on from Blender

(Repsej) #1

Hi y’all.
I am very new to the 3D scene and I am trying to do all the steps of the workflow I in the end want to be able to (Blender (textures, animation etc) to Sketchfab and Unity.
I got a major hit when trying to upload some tests to Sketchfab as my texture won’t show up.
It have chosen to pack stuff into .blend, I’ve tried manual uploads and the Sketchfab-plugin, I see the texture available in Sketchfabs 3D editor - but it isn’t rendering on my mesh.
I have made sure that all objects have their UV mapping set to their “UV Map” thingy.

Like I said, I am a total noob, and from all the hits I can find on these forums and Blender forums - I am lost.

Please, what have I done wrong? Why isn’t my texture loading on Sketchfab.
(I can see my models if I pick wireframe, but hey, that is of no use :frowning: )

Test2 (only one of the trees):

Can’t upload .blend cause “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

(Repsej) #2 (182.0 KB)

Maybe a comment with the uploaded .blend works!

(Edit: seems like it did! Please halp me!)

(Tyson Gersh) #3

Would be great if someone would help here. I’m having the same problem. I think a lot of people are.

(I Gus) #4

Maybe you didn’t bake your textures? That’s crucial.

(Bart) #5

The materials are set to 100% transparent. In the materials tab of the 3D editor, switch off opacity and your model will show up: