Can't import HDRI - "Error while processing your environment"

(Andrey) #1

I can't import hdri map. Always getting error message after "Processing your inviroment":



Could you please share the HDR file so we can take a closer look?


(Andrey) #3

I tried use various files like this:
Space_13_sn.hdr (7.6 MB)
Stars_Tycho2_3000.exr (7.4 MB)
Materials 2k.hdr (5.1 MB)

And also others.

I also notised one interesting thing - if i trying import HDRI, then i getting error message. However if i trying re-edit this model later (1-2 hours), then i can find my uploaded HDRI and can apply them:

P.S. Sorry for my english, im bad speak it :unamused:

(Twitte King) #4

may i ask it the 1-2 hour wait for hdri is consistent?
I am having the same problem!!
Thanks in advance!!

(Andrey) #5

Yup, im uploaded hdri,got error message and then gone. After 1-2 hours i returned to "3d settings" and was be able to find my hdri.

(Fongoose) #6

Same issue here.


Hi all, we have a fix coming soon!

(Andrey) #8

Yay! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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(Manuhart) #10

When is the fix coming? Several months later I cannot use any HDR or EXR yet.


@manuhart Environment uploading should be ok now. Can you share the file with us? What resolution is the image?

(Basemark) #12

Also having the same issue. are there any requirements for the hdr file?


Sorry, the issue is that you have a free account. Custom environment/background/matcap uploads are only available to Pro accounts and above. We still need to fix the editor interface to display this.


This should be fixed now.

(Logxon) #15

I have the issue that the process of “Processing your environment” never stops. It keeps going for hours.
Any suggestions?


Sorry, it’s very slow at the moment, but it should work eventually. It might even be finished but maybe there is a bug in the “processing” popup. If you refresh the page is it available in your list?