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Can't integrate the viewer API in a website


(Pierre Savoie) #1

I gave my client some file for him to integrate a viewer api in his website but he ran into this issue where the API doesn't seem to load.
The thing is everything works fine on my end, so I don't know what might cause the problem on his end. Here are the screenshot he sent me in order to find a solution.


Hmm, do you have a live version of the site that we can have a look at?

(Pierre Savoie) #3

Sorry for the late response, had to check with my client if I could share his page.

Here it is :

Don't know if you can make anything out of it.

(Shaderbytes) #4

do you have any race conditions If the iframe reference a dom object?
i tested the api and it is working fine , i presume it must be a race condition which is why i put initialization of my code at th bottom of the page, but you can also use dom callbacks for when the page is ready

From th errors it looks like my code is executing before the sketchfab api is loaded??